I Love My Church

January 27th – March 17th
Message by:
Antonio Thomas
Crys Simonca
Paul McCart
Peter Ricks

This message series is to help the listeners grow in their understanding of the role the local church in their lives, their community and the world, gain a better appreciation for specific ways God is using The Bridge, and get excited about becoming a more active part of the mission God has for us as a local church!

Being a part of a local church has become less important to a growing number of people. They just don’t see it as necessary or relevant, not to mention being bored when they do go. Yet, this isn’t the way church is supposed to be.

God designed the local church to be an exciting place where we learn how to have a real relationship with Him and make a positive difference in our communities and the world! God not only created the local church, but He loves it and wants you to be a part of it!

Discover how being active in your local church can make the difference in your life that you really need and can be an experience that you enjoy so much you will join the growing number of people at The Bridge who say, “I Love My Church!”

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