Bridging Women

Our Commitment

Through “Bridging Women,” our church body desires to “bridge the gap” for those who want or need a mentor but do not know where to go or who to ask. Our vision, as The Bridge, is to build redemptive community across generations.

The Problem

At some point along your journey, perhaps you find yourself at a crossroads and you do not know what direction to take. Maybe you are struggling in your relationship with God because life has not turned out as you had hoped. Or, perhaps, you desire to grow spiritually but you don’t know who to turn to (or how to turn)

The Solution

The answer is found in community that points one towards Christ. The women at the Bridge Church are here for you! There are mentors who want to help you spiritually mature in Christ, to guide you in the Scriptures to find answers to life’s tough questions. They are also here to provide you with the tools to live out your faith with confidence in the Lord.

We also want to be an encouragement, support, and resource for all women at the Bridge Church.


To encourage and inspire women to become confident in their relationships with Christ and to establish a foundation in God’s word by offering mentors who listen, provide guidance, resources, and sound biblical teaching.


Are you interested in being a mentor? How about being a mentee? Please click the appropriate link below to fill out the Bridging Women Mentor/Mentee Application.